Señora Pierce Interview by Aleksa M.

Señora Pierce is one of the Spanish teachers here at Oak Middle School. Her favorite color is dark blue and she was born and raised in Michigan. Her childhood dream was to be an archeologist or Egyptologist. She never thought she would be a Spanish teacher in Shrewsbury, but she loves teaching. In between classes she finishes things with the last class, sets up for the next class especially if there are lesson plan changes like the transition between 7th grade class and 8th grade class. In her free time she runs, cares for her own cats, works with a cat rescue, is a member of committees, works on her yard or house, and spends time with friends. She doesn’t have any kids. She went to three different colleges. When she went to small college in Michigan called ALMA, she studied Spanish and political science. She studied Spanish literature at Vanderbilt University. She studied Spanish and education at Worcester State College (WSC). Her favorite movie is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (though she also loves the original “Star Wars”). Her favorite TV show is “Rizzoli and Isles”. If she could be at one place in the world right now it would be Santiago, Chile, because it is one of the places where Spanish is established in South America and has become the most prosperous and democratic place. She would like to be there for a long visit. Outside of North America she has been to Spain twice, England, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala. If she could have one job (not a teacher) she would be some kind of scientist, possibly meteorologist or neurologist.

At the animal shelter, she cleans, helps out around the center, helps with fundraisers and gets the reward of helping animals without homes. She loves cats but she also loves dogs and used to have them. It is a small rescue organization started by lady who lives in Uxbridge. All of the cats are rescued locally; they are fostered  and are able to be adopted at an adoption day at PetSmart in Blackstone Valley. Link for rescue organization:


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