The Garden by Rosemary S. (Heifer Field Trip)


Going to Overlook Farm was very different from the average, boring, museum field trip. My article isn’t going to be about Overlook Farm in general. It’s about dragging bright colors out of the ground. Thanks to Heifer International, we got to pick carrots fresh out of the ground! With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, picking the carrots was definitely one of my favorite parts. But before that, I need to talk about the garden that they had. They have about an acre of over 25 different fruits and vegetables from strawberries to dry beans and butternut squash. They raise the cropbeds beside walking paths so the dirt doesn’t get ruined.


So, my group walked in a single file line to the middle of the beds and the tour guide loosened the dirt as we all pulled at the skinny base of the carrot tops and revealed purple, orange, white, and yellow unusual vegetables. Some of the carrots were entwined together, some of them were thick cylinders, there was even some where two carrots joined together at the base. Walking into the kitchen, the chef began talking to us about how they preserve different fruits and vegetables, like pickling and drying. The kids got to try different preserved vegetables with dip and even dried cherry tomatoes. We placed the carrot tops in a large bowl to be fed to the rabbits on the farm. Some students even got to feed the rabbits themselves.


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