Mrs. DiLeo Interview by Lucy A.

Last week, I sat down and interviewed Mrs. DiLeo, who is a very nice person that is the seventh grade guidance counselor for Oak Middle School. I asked a few questions about her job as a guidance counselor. She helps students through tough times by listening to them and then giving them advice on how to get through this issue by themselves. She said that the biggest issue at this school that she got talked to about the most was cyber bullying. It is ongoing and mainly on Instagram, oovoo and Facebook where people say hurtful and mean comments to another person. She enjoys helping people and its one of her favorite things to do.

I then asked Ms. DiLeo her what her favorite things to do were other than guidance counseling. She said she also enjoyed sailing, going to the beach and taking walks. When she was a kid she wanted to be a gym teacher which she was for four years but after a while realized she was giving advice, which she liked giving out so she went and became a guidance counselor. I then asked her if she could be anything what would she be? She said she’d like to be a pop star, but not at all like Miley Cyrus.

I then asked her questions about her life and where she’s been. I asked her if she’d grown up in Shrewsbury and went to Sherwood and Oak as well as what college she went to. And she had lived in Shrewsbury! She’d gone to Oak when they were building the old Sherwood and when they were just starting the foreign language classes. She also went to UMASS and two colleges in Worcester. She has two brothers and one of them has passed away unfortunately. She is also retiring after this year and she is very sad but she likes hanging out with older people and would also like to help people to speak English if they don’t already. She wants to travel more because she’s only been to Mexico three times and Bermuda.


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