The Oak Middle School Gym by Ethan W.


The Oak Middle School gym is used for many different activities. It was originally built in 1950. Some interesting features of the gym include the dividing wall, weight rooms and a giant equipment closet. The building was a high school once so 7th to 8th graders can experience the high school facility. Overall most kids really enjoy gym class but there are some important rules that you need to follow such as reporting to attendance lines on time, not touching equipment until told to, no chewing gum or candy, dress appropriately, wear sneakers, be safe, and treat others the way you want to be treated. There are 6 gym classes a day – three 7th grade classes and three 8th grade classes. The gym is not just used for classes; it is also used for many other activities such as assemblies, fundraisers, spirit week, and after school activities. The gym teacher coach LaRose has been working there for thirteen years. Maintenance includes daily sweeping and floor washing periodically. In addition the school will resurface the floor to make it nice and shiny. There are variety of exercises you would do in PE to work on muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.


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