Peru by Lucy A. (Heifer Field Trip)


At the station based on Peru, there were guinea pigs, llamas and alpacas which is what Heifer donates to the people in Peru. Our guide told us that in Peru they eat guinea pigs and got milk, money, muscle, more and motivation from the alpacas and llamas because they’re big and strong so they can carry stuff for people. They can also milk them and with an alpaca and llama, they can have babies and the owner and can sell them to someone else so they can benefit from the llamas and alpacas as much as they do. They can also sell the milk to people and they can have more substantial meals than what they used to have. These animals can also motivate the owners to live and eat

In the surroundings for Peru, there was a small house that looked like it was made of dried mud or sand stone and twigs from dead trees as coverage. They also had a hutch for the guinea pigs and a small field for the alpacas and llamas.


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