Mrs. Davis Interview by Charles G.

Mrs. Davis is a awesome person. Her least favorite colors are pastel blue and pink. Her favorite sports teams are the Colts and the Pacers. Her hometown is Bloomington, Indiana but she now lives in Massachusetts. Her favorite subject in school is social studies. Her favorite foods are buffalo wings, filet mignon, potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, and Chex mix. If she wasn’t a teacher she would be a wedding planner or the owner of a wedding salon. Her favorite books are The Glass Castle, Catcher in the Rye, and the Harry Potter series. She has been teaching for 10 years. She likes to play with her kids in her spare time. She attended Assumption College in Worcester.


Science Curriculum Update by Nick U.

In the first few weeks of school, we learned about the scientific method. It was not a major unit because there was only a test and no project to do. We did do the Potato Lab. After we took the test, we started the “What is Life” unit. We did a lot of COC (content organization chart) sheets from one of our text books and we would get the information from them and put it to a COC sheet. The COC sheet is just summarizing a paragraph from the book. We also had an ORQ for that unit. We use those sheets to study, but there is also another way to study. Quizlet is a website and Mrs. Scibelli made an account for so we can study. It’s good because it’s direct information from the test. After the “what is life” unit, we did the human body which was bigger because we did a big project with a partner. We took lots of notes and then we cited everything in Noodle Tools (which is a website that is used for research). Most of us did a Keynote for the final project. After that, we started to study for our test which was broken up into 2 days: one was the multiple choice test, then there was an ORQ test which was the next day. Now we are just startingĀ  to learn about microscopes.

Cross Country Update by Alex C.

The cross country team has 100+ kids (boys and girls). The boys are 6-0 and the girls are 2-4. In cross country, you run on a course your team picks out. Both teams run at the same time. The first person to cross the finish line gets a point. The second gets two points, and so on. The team with the lowest number of points wins.

There are 2 meets left. One is away and the other is home at the foundation fields. The shirts are all white and on the back in navy blue they says “pain is temporary, pride is forever”. In practices, we always do a warm up run one lap around the track and then we stretch. We do something different every day. We have practices Monday through Thursday. The meets are on Wednesday. We have four coaches: Coach Barsom, Coach Kewriga, Coach DaNolf, and Coach LaValley.

Social Studies Curriculum Update by Jess M.

In social studies we have learned many new things. For example, when studying South America we labeled all of the countries and capitals in the continent. We also learned some physical features like the Andes and the Amazon River. In class, we spent time finding out mountain elevations and climate zones. The mountain elevations include Tera Fria, Helada, Caliente, Ice Cap, and Templada. Latitude and longitude were reviewed so it would be fresh in our brains. We spent a little time on world hunger, learning that not all countries are as fortunate as the United States. Some people don’t have enough water to drink or food to eat! Of course we went on the Heifer field trip where we learned all about other countries and how they live, like what the eat, or what animals they raise. As the field trip went on, we learned that Heifer isn’t just a small farm, it delivers animals to people in need all around the world, changing others’ lives for the better, hence the name Heifer International. Currently in class, students are having a mock trial in court pretending to be different people in the rainforest. Mrs. Davis is the judge. She will decide who deserves to get the rainforest: the loggers, the rubber tappers, settlers, natives, or the cattle ranchers?

Mr. Sloan Interview by Sari B.

Mr. Sloan’s favorite animal is the slow loris because it’s wicked cute. His favorite food is pizza because it’s very tasty, especially buffalo pizza. He has never visited another country. He was born in Worcester, MA. For college he studied at Westfield State University. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he gives presents to the people he likes and he gets presents. His favorite game from when he was a kid is Halo and Guitar Hero because Halo was the first fps he liked and Guitar Hero because he was really good at it. Plus he won a tournament! His favorite subjects when he was a kid were math and English. He almost became a massage therapist. His favorite sports are football and hockey because he grew up watching football and he thinks hockey is active.

The Asian Longhorn Beetle by Shea GK


What is beetle and how it got here:
The Asian longhorn beetle is a black, shiny, spotted bug that is native to Eastern China, Korea, and Japan. The Asian longhorn beetle also known as the (ABL) or sky bug to its native population came to New York in 1996 probably in some wood material shipped here from one of its native areas.


How the bug is dangerous and the damage it has done:
This little bug is dangerously hungry for tree bark and feeds on maple, birch, willow, and sycamore trees. Believe it or not, it has wiped out nearly 50,000 trees all around America. In the spring, the beetle eats tiny holes about the size of a dime out of a tree then lays its eggs in the tree so that when they hatch a day or two later the babies feed on the tree too. After the eggs are laid it takes 1-1&1/2 years to get infested and die.

Characteristics of the beetle:
The beetle is large ranging from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches depending on whether it is a male or female beetle. The female beetle is typically larger than the male. The female has longer horns (antennas) and has more distinct white spots.

Mrs. Pruett Interview by Alek M.

Mrs. Pruett is the English teacher here on seven white, and her favorite animal is a cat (she has two of her own). She isn’t a big sports fan but her husband is, so she ends up watching MMA and NFL. Her childhood dream was to be a ballet dancer. She never thought she would be a teacher. She loves her job. In her free time she writes stories, knits, and bakes. She doesn’t have any kids of her own. She went to Emerson college and studied film and creative writing, then she went to Boston university where she studied creative writing. Her favorite movie of all time is “The Princess Bride”. Her favorite writer who inspired her is a writer from Canada called Alice Munro. If she could be at one place in the world right now she would be in Ireland because she went thereĀ  on fellowship two years ago, and says its the most beautiful place in the world with nice people, and would love to go there again. Other than Ireland she has been to France and England. If she could have one job she would be a full time novelist.