Mrs. Webb Interview by Colleen M.

Mrs. Webb is not only a drama teacher here at Oak Middle School, she is also a teacher at the high school and a director of many plays outside of Shrewsbury.

She has been acting/dancing since the young age of 3. Dancing and acting are in her blood because her grandmother was a dancer up until World War 2 and mother was also a dancer in the Boston Ballet. Mrs Webb’s all time favorite play that she directed would be her 2012 competitive high school version of, “Dancing at Lughnasa”, by Brian Friel. The play went so well that they made it to the state finals!

Born and raised in Carlisle, Massachusetts along with 2 younger siblings, Mrs Webb dreamed about growing up and becoming a musical theater performer on Broadway. She is a big animal lover with 1 cat named Merlin and hopefully she is getting a dog in the near future. Mrs Webb says her favorite part of being a drama teacher is being able to see students grow into responsible, creative and wonderful young adults.

Mrs. Webb describes herself as a very energetic person because she is always up and moving around. When Mrs. Webb is not directing a play or musical she enjoys playing sports like golf and the tennis. She also likes reading, gardening, and spending time with her 6-year-old son.

Mrs. Webb is a fantastic and energetic drama teacher here at Oak Middle School who is excellent at her craft and fun to be around.


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