Ms. Harmon Interview by Casey J.

Ms. Harmon is a special education aide who has been working in the Shrewsbury Public Schools for thirteen years.  She looks forward to helping students everyday. She has not only worked at Oak Middle but Floral Street school as well.  Ms. Harmon enjoys working with her fellow colleagues. “The teachers are very helpful, kind and treat me and students with respect”, Ms. Harmon states. Before working at Oak she worked as an office manager up until the time she had children. The reason she started teaching was because she wanted the same school schedule as her children. She wanted to be able to spend time with them on vacation and snow days. Both her children are now young adults. Her daughter is a junior in college and her son is a U.S Marine. Although she works on 7 white, she also worked on 7 blue, 7 gold, 8 red and 8 blue. One message Mrs. Harmon would like to share with everyone is to make it a great year! Always remember the teachers and faculty are there to help and that you should get involved in the school community.  Look into the different clubs and sports – it’s a great way to make friends.


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