Mrs. Pruett Interview by Alek M.

Mrs. Pruett is the English teacher here on seven white, and her favorite animal is a cat (she has two of her own). She isn’t a big sports fan but her husband is, so she ends up watching MMA and NFL. Her childhood dream was to be a ballet dancer. She never thought she would be a teacher. She loves her job. In her free time she writes stories, knits, and bakes. She doesn’t have any kids of her own. She went to Emerson college and studied film and creative writing, then she went to Boston university where she studied creative writing. Her favorite movie of all time is “The Princess Bride”. Her favorite writer who inspired her is a writer from Canada called Alice Munro. If she could be at one place in the world right now she would be in Ireland because she went there  on fellowship two years ago, and says its the most beautiful place in the world with nice people, and would love to go there again. Other than Ireland she has been to France and England. If she could have one job she would be a full time novelist.


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