The Asian Longhorn Beetle by Shea GK


What is beetle and how it got here:
The Asian longhorn beetle is a black, shiny, spotted bug that is native to Eastern China, Korea, and Japan. The Asian longhorn beetle also known as the (ABL) or sky bug to its native population came to New York in 1996 probably in some wood material shipped here from one of its native areas.


How the bug is dangerous and the damage it has done:
This little bug is dangerously hungry for tree bark and feeds on maple, birch, willow, and sycamore trees. Believe it or not, it has wiped out nearly 50,000 trees all around America. In the spring, the beetle eats tiny holes about the size of a dime out of a tree then lays its eggs in the tree so that when they hatch a day or two later the babies feed on the tree too. After the eggs are laid it takes 1-1&1/2 years to get infested and die.

Characteristics of the beetle:
The beetle is large ranging from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches depending on whether it is a male or female beetle. The female beetle is typically larger than the male. The female has longer horns (antennas) and has more distinct white spots.


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