Science Curriculum Update by Nick U.

In the first few weeks of school, we learned about the scientific method. It was not a major unit because there was only a test and no project to do. We did do the Potato Lab. After we took the test, we started the “What is Life” unit. We did a lot of COC (content organization chart) sheets from one of our text books and we would get the information from them and put it to a COC sheet. The COC sheet is just summarizing a paragraph from the book. We also had an ORQ for that unit. We use those sheets to study, but there is also another way to study. Quizlet is a website and Mrs. Scibelli made an account for so we can study. It’s good because it’s direct information from the test. After the “what is life” unit, we did the human body which was bigger because we did a big project with a partner. We took lots of notes and then we cited everything in Noodle Tools (which is a website that is used for research). Most of us did a Keynote for the final project. After that, we started to study for our test which was broken up into 2 days: one was the multiple choice test, then there was an ORQ test which was the next day. Now we are just starting  to learn about microscopes.


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