Social Studies Curriculum Update by Jess M.

In social studies we have learned many new things. For example, when studying South America we labeled all of the countries and capitals in the continent. We also learned some physical features like the Andes and the Amazon River. In class, we spent time finding out mountain elevations and climate zones. The mountain elevations include Tera Fria, Helada, Caliente, Ice Cap, and Templada. Latitude and longitude were reviewed so it would be fresh in our brains. We spent a little time on world hunger, learning that not all countries are as fortunate as the United States. Some people don’t have enough water to drink or food to eat! Of course we went on the Heifer field trip where we learned all about other countries and how they live, like what the eat, or what animals they raise. As the field trip went on, we learned that Heifer isn’t just a small farm, it delivers animals to people in need all around the world, changing others’ lives for the better, hence the name Heifer International. Currently in class, students are having a mock trial in court pretending to be different people in the rainforest. Mrs. Davis is the judge. She will decide who deserves to get the rainforest: the loggers, the rubber tappers, settlers, natives, or the cattle ranchers?


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