The Black Bear by Shane M.

The black bear is a bear native to North America and Canada. Surprisingly it is very common in these areas and very attracted to towns because of its gigantic food supply. These bears are amazingly omnivores but in rare occasions they can strike and become carnivores (Black Bear National Geographic). Their scientific name is Ursus Americanus (Black¬† Bear National Geographic). The bears’ diet includes fish, grasses, roots and berries (Black Bear National Geographic). Female bears give birth to 2 or 3 blind cubs in mid-winter and nurse them until early spring (Black Bear National Geographic). The black bear is the only bear species that is not endangered. For your information they also mark trees with their teeth and claws. Overall, black bears can be dangerous if you go near them and if you stay away they won’t harm you. Recently in Shrewsbury, MA there was a sighting of a black bear on North St. That is right where I live and there’s a sighting at Dean Park too. But later this week the people of Shrewsbury claimed that the black bear is no longer here and has moved to Grafton. Some people were extremely pleased that the black bear is gone. Other people weren’t so happy that is was gone because it was a extraordinary sight see because it was a was a one in a lifetime opportunity.


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