OMS New Cafeteria Program by Jessica M.

It’s the first week with the brand new cafeteria program. Here are the few basic steps of this new and improved plan. When you walk in everything’s normal; you get in line and get your lunch. But once you reach the registers everything gets a little bit more complicated. If you look down you will notice a calculator-looking object where it says “enter student ID”. You will then punch in your code and this will allow the cashier to access your account. If you looked on the computer screen you would notice there is your school picture, an amount of money, and all food choices. The amount of money shows how much you have put into your account. Once you buy something the amount will decrease. As soon as an item has been purchased an email gets sent home, telling your parents and guardians what food you have bought and the money left in your account. This new program is a little complicated, but after a while everybody will get the hang of it.


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