Buffalo Wild Wings Opening by Nick U.

The new Buffalo Wild Wings is opening where the book store Borders used to be. Buffalo Wild Wings is like a sports bar and a restaurant. The main reason Borders closed is that first they were getting off topic. Meaning that Borders wasn’t selling what it was supposed to like coffee and candy and not books. They did have to though because not many people would buy $15 books when they can read it cheaper online. People would even bring their iPad to the store and relax. Weeks later Borders suddenly went out of business. Even later in the year, the Buffalo Wild Wings bought the structure and is now opening mid-December of 2013. The closest Buffalo Wild Wings right now is in Fitchburg so people who like spicy wings should be exited about the opening. You can still go there without eating wings and the sports bar has a game going and comfy seats. Not only are there wings there, there are burgers and sandwiches. You can’t forget about kids. There are a kids menu with like chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks. When you are done you can enjoy an amazing dessert.


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