Mr. Viola interview by Nishant B.

Mr. Viola said if he could have any job other than the technology person at a school he would be a video game designer. In his spare time he likes to play basketball, golf, volleyball, and tennis. His favorite movie is Toy Story. What exactly does he do? He fixes technological issues in Sherwood and Oak. His favorite show is Law & Order. His favorite book is 1984. He likes watching basketball and his hobbies are fixing and building computers. He went to Holy Cross for college and the countries he has visited outside the US are Canada and Italy. Mr. Viola helps both students and teachers whenever they have any computer or iPad issues.


Halloween in School by Shane M.

One thing I was very excited about was what we were going to do on Halloween in school. When I got to school I was shocked to see that we has the Amazon Rainforest test. Luckily I had Social Studies in the afternoon so I didn’t have to worry about that yet! First period I went to Gym and we didn’t do anything special. After that, I arrived at ELA.  Mrs. Pruett said that you could only have a pencil so I had to go back into my locker and put my stuff away. I was prepared to do something fantastic in ELA. When I walked into the classroom it was dark and she told us to put heads down and told us a scary story, then we continued the story by writing on lined paper. When I left I went to math where we played an awesome math game with dice with Mrs. Freedman. Later our group arrived at Science. Mrs. Scibelli said that we are going to watch a Skelton video. Luckily we didn’t have to take notes so I was pleased. I was shocked when I got to Social Studies when had the Amazon Rain Forest test. It was short and easy and we saw the music video of thriller. Lastly we saw “What Does the Fox Say”. I was super excited to hear that we were going home and I was prepared to have a great Halloween.

Ms. Butterfield interview by Ethen J.

Ms. Butterfield is interning at Oak Middle School to fulfill the requirements needed for College to become a student counselor. She will graduate from Assumption college in May 2014 but says she will stay in this school until the end of the school year. During her free time she usually goes to the gym, does yoga, and hikes. Her favorite sport is soccer and her favorite color is yellow. Ms. Butterfield says she wants to be a student counselor because it would make her feel like she can make a difference in students’ lives academicly and socialy/emotionally by teaching them new skills. She also wants to help students advocate for themselves during times of need. After she graduates she hopes she’ll become a student counselor at Boston Public Schools.

Math Curriculum Update by Jack R.

In math class we are learning about negative and positive numbers. We are doing a project called Black Friday. The business you are in is in debt $1,000 and you have to think of three products you will be selling. You choose the prices and how many products you will be selling. The point is to get out of debt. The money you lose is represented by the color red and all the money you get is represented by black. The point of this activity is to show us how the negative and positive number cope in a mathematical equation. I also think it is to teach us how Black Friday works.

Shrewsbury Public Library Results by Jessica M.

The votes are in, and the new library was a success! With all the new improvements of the library plan, who could say no?  The total of votes for our team vote was 67 pro to 44 con with 2 votes invalid. Our team was very invested in the rebuilding of the Library since we worked on an essay about all the pros and cons of the new library. We all knew what the new building had to offer. Some students were very happy about the outcome of the vote and some students were not, but in the end all that matters is more students encouraged the new library to be built.

Science Onion Lab Report by Charles G.

In science class we finished a lab a couple of  weeks ago. The lab that we did was the onion lab. In the onion lab. We used compound microscopes to examine the peel of an onion then we used iodine drops which turned them yellow. We had to draw pictures of the onion cells when they did not have iodine drops then when they did have iodine drops. Most of us saw the cell nucleus then we had the draw what we saw. After that we had to answer questions. I had good practice on my microscope skills and learned how to identify cells.

Shrewsbury Patriots by Alex C.

The Shrewsbury Patriots have two 7th grade teams: Schafer and Campanale. The Campanale team won Mass states 30-0 against Wayland. The Campanales also won against Cranston. They played New Britain Connecticut. They lost by one point 20-19. If they won they would’ve gone to Florida. The Schafer’s lost in the second round of the playoffs. The Campanales  finished the regular season with a 9-0 record while the Schafers finished the season with a 7-2 record. The Campanales played Westborough in the first game of the season and won and the Schafer’s played Nipmuc and lost. The Schafers ended up beating Nipmuc the first round of the playoffs later in the season.

The Campanales have white jerseys and the Schafer’s have blue jerseys. Our helmets are gold with a blue strip going down the middle and we have the old New England Patriots logo, the flying Elvis. The home field for both teams is Coolidge Elementary School. We practice mostly at Dean during the week on Wednesday and Thursday. Most of the games are on Sunday. The kids on the Campanale team that are on 7 White are Jon White, Akram Nassri, Jeff Harpin, Liam Wyman, Reese Brunell, Mikey Campbell, and Jacob George. Jon is the quarterback, Jeff is the center, and Mikey plays left guard. The players on the Schafers are Jack Roche, Liam Daly, Ryan Lott, Shea Gallo-Kolege, Nick Mercuri, John Love, John LaBlenc, and Matt Pardim. Jack plays safety. Though ultimately we lost, it was an amazing season.