Shrewsbury Patriots by Alex C.

The Shrewsbury Patriots have two 7th grade teams: Schafer and Campanale. The Campanale team won Mass states 30-0 against Wayland. The Campanales also won against Cranston. They played New Britain Connecticut. They lost by one point 20-19. If they won they would’ve gone to Florida. The Schafer’s lost in the second round of the playoffs. The Campanales  finished the regular season with a 9-0 record while the Schafers finished the season with a 7-2 record. The Campanales played Westborough in the first game of the season and won and the Schafer’s played Nipmuc and lost. The Schafers ended up beating Nipmuc the first round of the playoffs later in the season.

The Campanales have white jerseys and the Schafer’s have blue jerseys. Our helmets are gold with a blue strip going down the middle and we have the old New England Patriots logo, the flying Elvis. The home field for both teams is Coolidge Elementary School. We practice mostly at Dean during the week on Wednesday and Thursday. Most of the games are on Sunday. The kids on the Campanale team that are on 7 White are Jon White, Akram Nassri, Jeff Harpin, Liam Wyman, Reese Brunell, Mikey Campbell, and Jacob George. Jon is the quarterback, Jeff is the center, and Mikey plays left guard. The players on the Schafers are Jack Roche, Liam Daly, Ryan Lott, Shea Gallo-Kolege, Nick Mercuri, John Love, John LaBlenc, and Matt Pardim. Jack plays safety. Though ultimately we lost, it was an amazing season.


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