Mr. Curtis Interview by Shiney A.

Mr. Curtis is a substitute teacher at Oak almost everyday. He has only been a sub for one year. Mr. Curtis has only been to one other school because he is at Oak almost everyday. The other school he’s been to is in Holden. He went to Messiah College in Pennsylvania and studied history and secondary education. Mr. Curtis went to Ghana once to study education, religion, and culture. He says it was an enjoyable experience. His favorite color is blue and one of his favorite movies is “Remember the Titans.” Mr. Curtis likes dogs and has one called Gunner. Mr. Curtis has wanted to teach since high school and doesn’t know what he’d do if he couldn’t teach. If he could go anywhere, he would go to Australia because he thinks it’s a beautiful country with beautiful beaches and koalas as well as kangaroos. He also thinks Australian accents are cool. In his free time he plays sports, such as basketball. Mr. Curtis enjoys history, so he visits museums and historical sites. Mr. Curtis is not married and doesn’t have any kids of his own. He mostly enjoys being a sub for doing so many different subjects in a day. If he could say anything to the school right now he’d say, “Keep working hard and don’t give up on your dreams.”


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