Science Update: Onion DNA Extraction Field Trip by Shiney A.

In science, 7 White went on a field trip to the to do an onion DNA extraction. Groups (W) and (I) went on Tuesday, November 19th and groups (E) and (T) went on Wednesday, November 20th. Ms. Scibelli walked us to the UMASS Foundation where we met Mrs. Lebeau, the scientist there who taught us what to do. We learned, step-by-step what the procedure was. After mixing some chemicals, we used a method called spooling to take the DNA out of the test tube and put it into our sample containers. In spooling, we stirred the DNA with a glass rod to get the DNA to stick to the rod. The DNA was greenish, clear and appeared to be little strands, almost stringlike even. Several of those strands clumped together looked like a small cloud! Despite the smelliness and grossness of the trip, this was certainly an educational experience loved by almost everyone. Now, everyone is looking forward to the trip in April, back to the UMASS foundation!


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