Saving the Earth One School at a Time by Rosemary S.

Lately, everyone’s been fussing about global warming and killing the Earth. But sadly, not many people who mentioned global warming worked hard enough to actually take action and start conserving. In this article, I’m going to talk about how schools are slowly trying to save Earth and the people living in it. In Oak Middle School, there are two bins in each classroom: one for recycling paper and one for recycling plastic bottles. So, over the year, students and teachers, maybe even visitors decide to use paper and bottles, and then discover that they don’t need it anymore. Instead of throwing it away and wasting a tree, they toss the paper and plastic bottles in the correct bins. After one or two weeks of tossing paper and plastic, one set of students gets the recycle bins from every classroom and sorts them into larger, rolling recycling bins. These bins get brought to a recycling company to be sorted once again. After everything’s sorted and there’s a difference between paper and plastic, they somehow manage to break everything into bits and then create new things out of them. It’s like using an egg carton as a good place for a mini garden, except that the egg carton isn’t an egg carton anymore, it’s actually used to garden little plants! So, to end this article, I leave you to ponder on this last sentence. How can I save the Earth?


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