Typing Contest by Shiney A.

On Tuesday, November 26th, Mr. Sloan, Ms. Pruett, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Beaton and Ms. Parnell had a typing contest to see who could type the fastest. Ms. Scibelli was the referee. Mr. Sloan triumphed in first, with Ms. Pruett right behind him in second, Ms. Davis coming up at third, and Ms. Parnell finishing at fourth. The topics they typed about were “Test Instructions,” “The Enchanted Typewriter,” and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” How do our teachers feel about this contest? Mr. Sloan joked, “I felt okay. I did not expect to win. Umm…I did not expect to blow the competition away like I did. I just said that to make Ms. Pruett upset.” What are Ms. Pruett’s thoughts about the typing contest? She says, “I feel defeated! I felt so confident! He (Mr. Sloan) was like a sleeper…I can’t believe how fast he types! Maybe at the end of the year we’ll have a rematch. I don’t feel so confident anymore!” Ms. Davis feels that, “I thought it was very enjoyable. I was very impressed with Mr. Sloan’s typing speed and I was surprised at how many errors Ms. Pruett had in the final round, but I understand that she was trying to beat Mr. Sloan. I was kind of disappointed at my score because I scored less than in my practice rounds.” What does Ms. Parnell think? She says, “I liked it, it was fun!” Ms. Scibelli would like to say that, “It was fun, it was exciting! I thought it was a good experience to teach students the importance of typing quickly and accurately.” An end-of-the-year rematch will certainly be thrilling! We can hardly wait!


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