The Shrewsbury Patriots by Nick M

The Shrewsbury Patriots (Scheafer) played the Nipmuc Warriors on a freezing night. One of our coaches said it was Nick V.S Nipmuc. Some of the players from 7 White are Nick M#64, Liam D#51, Ryan L#55, John L#74, Shea G#8 ,Matt P#70 ,Johnny Le#5 J.C #93′ Jack R#33.  Jack, Shea and Ryan did not play in this game due to injury. The beginning of the game did not go well for the Shrewsbury Patriots. Nipmuc scored on the 2nd play of the game it was 12-0 at the end of the first quarter. In the 2nd Quarter the Patriots scored making it 12-6. The Patriots did not scores the third quarter nor did Nipmuc. The Shrewsbury defense made a couple of big stands in the the fourth quarter then the Patriots offenses went down and scored a touchdown; it was 12-12. We pulled and we got the conversion and the score making the score 13-12. The Pats defense made another big stand to end the game. We took a knee and the game was over. The Shrewsbury Patriots have completed the comeback and just beat The Nipmuc Warriors. The Patriots were 4-0 playing Nipmuc.


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