Afrika Blogs by Rahi P.

The Seven White Team is working on their own blogs to comprehend their ELA book, Afrika by Colleen Craig. I know what you’re thinking, “Why is the book spelled Afrika instead of Africa.” Africa, is actually spelled Afrika in the South African language Afrikaans. Mrs. Pruett wanted to make this project interesting, so she gave us two mini-research projects, and four journal entries. Before we had the iPads, we would work on our project the old fashioned way, by scrapbooking. It would be easier with our new technology because we wouldn’t have to use up all of that ink and paper. On the iPad, we could customize the blog any way we want and it would also be easier not to plagiarize. These blogs are free because we use the Google website Blogger. All we have to do is log into our account and once it logs on, you click add blog. We are supposed to read the book in four weeks (not including vacation). This week is the last week we are reading the book. The second and third week we read the book, we did both journal entries and research projects, but the first and last weeks of reading the book, we only have to do journal entries. To define an Afrika blog journal entry, each group member of the blog writes about a main character of each quarter of the book in first person and what they went through during the reading. The minimum of what we write is two paragraphs with seven to ten sentences for each paragraph. To define an Afrika blog research project, we could choose between topics such as Historical investigator, Cultural Attaché, and Biographies. These mini research projects help on our research skills and we also learn a lot on South Africa.

To see these blogs, scroll down a bit for a full list.


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