Madam Bird Interview by Shahira A.

Madam Bird is a French teacher that is currently teaching in Shrewsbury. Her full name is Heather Bird. She was born in Vermont but grew up in Hamilton MA. She’s been teaching at Oak Middle School for 6 years. She speaks 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. Madam Bird received her undergraduate degree from UMASS Dartmouth, where she was able to spend a year abroad in France for her Junior year. Her Master’s is from Emerson College, and she did a program abroad in Paris for a month. Madam Bird loves to run! She is a marathon runner and has completed 6 marathons, but now she scaled back to half marathons and 5ks. Madam Bird has traveled to many countries such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Aruba and Canada. She studied French from 6th grade through college, and started learning Spanish in college. Madam Bird taught a few months at her former High School (Bishop Fenwick) then three years at Cardinal Spellman High School, and now has been in Shrewsbury for six years. She has a sister and a brother. Her sister knows some French, and her brother knows some Spanish as he lives in Los Angeles. Madam Bird also has two adopted siblings from India (Caitlyn Sunanda and Evan Vasudev) who do not know Hindi any longer, two adopted siblings from Puerto Rico who do speak Spanish (Josh and Rosa) and a half brother that doesn’t speak a second language. She loves candy but if she had to choose her top two would be chocolate and PEZ. Some of Madam Bird’s hobbies are reading about health and training for running and coaching Track and Cross Country but she doesn’t have time now with her son and daughter. Gavin is 2 and 1/2 and Avelyn is 9 months. Another one of her hobbies is playing with them as much as she can!!!


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