Mrs. Beaton Interview by John L.

Mrs. Beaton’s favorite season is summer because she like to spend time at the beach. She also loves fall because of the colorful leaves and the cool weather. She was born in New York City, but she grew up in New Jersey. Mrs. Beaton’s favorite sport is soccer. She also likes to watch basketball. If she could have any job in the world it would be to work in the field of international development. That means working with other countries helping them have stronger economies and governments. Her favorite food above all would be chocolate. She went to Georgetown University in Washington, DC. and then went to Indiana University for her master’s degree. If she could go to one or two places in the world it would be Spain because my daughter is there this year.  Someday She would like to visit South Africa and China. She has been to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and she has been to Ireland several times.  Ireland is her favorite country. It’s beautiful there and she has very close friends there. She doesn’t care who wins the Super Bowl. She hopes that it’s not too cold, but she is happy it’s in NJ because she is  from NJ.


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