Shrewsbury Town Lacrosse by Reese B.

In the town of Shrewsbury lacrosse is a very popular sport. Teams go from town teams to the select teams like Nessel, Top gun lacrosse, Rising Stars, Shrewsbury select, ect. Ages for Shrewsbury lacrosse are from 3rd grade to 8th grade, but there are teams for lacrosse at Saint John’s and at Shrewsbury High School. I’ve been playing for 6 years now and as the years go on you have more opportunities like being able to check people. All of the coaches are really nice and hard working. In lacrosse there are 4 positions: goalie, attack men, midfielders, and defensemen. When your on a team you get a position and you stay with that, but if you’re on a younger team the coaches switch the positions around so you can play all of them and you can decide what you like. Shrewsbury lacrosse is a great organization for all ages and skill levels.


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