Cool Runnings by Danny N.

A couple of weeks ago in school during Ameer time we watched a movie called Cool Runnings. This movie is about four Jamaicans who learn how to bobsled. At first the main character (Derice Bannock) was supposed to be a runner for the Olympics but he fell onto another character. Derice wanted to be in the Olympics so he asked his friend Coolidge to have a rerun. Coolidge said no but then the main character saw a photo of a man and his father. He asked who he is. Coolidge said he was a bobsledder. Derice then goes to the bobsledder to ask him to be his coach. They later find a team then go to Canada to compete in the bobsled event. As they were competing the bolts were not tight enough so they fell out. The bobsled was out of control so the bobsled flipped. They lost but they carried the bobsled to the end with honor. We watched this in school because it is tied to our Social Studies curriculum. We also talked about teamwork and that integrity is more important than winning.


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