Ski Ward by Sami M.

In the town of Shrewsbury there is a great place called ski ward. Ski ward has 8 trails and 6 include the tubing trails. They have 4 lifts including the chair lift and magic carpet which you stand on and it brings you right up. The t-lift looks like a T and you hold on and it pulls you up. My favorite is the chair lift because you can get an easy ride up and get a great view. A lot of the younger kids that go there have snow school lessons were they learn how to ski or snowboard. Most people ski because they think it is easier than snowboarding, but I prefer snowboarding because I think that it is a fun and different thing to try out and is a challenge. When it is not winter they open a restaurant with a volleyball court and they have a slip and slide going down some of the hills. Overall Ski Ward is a great place to go, summer and winter.


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