The New School by Rosemary S.

Hi and welcome to the brand-new Sherwood Middle School. I’m here to give you a tour of the place! So, let’s go to the main office first. Here, you can see some secretaries and there’s nice air conditioning with a table and couches for late parent-pickup students. Now if we walk out of the office, you can see a nice sitting area for visitors or people who are waiting at the main office. There’s some 5th and 6th grade neighborhoods to the left. To the right, we see the gymnasium. Let’s go in there, shall we?

Okay, so now we’re here at the famous gym. There are the coaches and if you look at the shiny, hardwood floor, you’d see the outlines that you normally see in a basketball court. There’s also some nice bleachers off to the side and tons of equipment, including a rock wall. At the right, you’ll notice a big stage for community meetings, concerts, plays, etc. Now, inside the locker rooms, it’s pretty normal. No need to talk about them. Outside of the gym (literally outside) construction workers are still working on a new field and track for Sherwood to have instead of using Oak’s.

Back inside, we’re going upstairs and here we see the art room and the second health room. The health room is just like the art room, so let’s go to the art room. In here, we see the normal two whiteboards with a projector, teacher desk, and there are many stools that fit underneath the several tables there. There are also 2 sinks for painting and other things. In the back of the classroom, there’s a large window with a couple panes within it. In the ceiling next to the windows, there are about 10 spotlights that can be used for mock art shows or displays, possibly a light source in a shade drawing.

Now then, as we walk past the art room, we find the media center. In the media center, there are mini bookshelves in rows for easy access in alphabetical order. There’s also a set of large computers for finding books or doing research. There are several tables within it with comfy chairs. Past the media center is the computer lab. In here there is 3 rows of large Macintosh computers for an allied art known as computer lab. On the third floor, all teams are in 5th grade.

Now let’s go downstairs to the 1st floor, which is not where the main office is (2nd floor). Here, there is only 4 6th grade teams. To the left is the cafeteria, with oval and circular tables, which are easy to walk around. In the lunch lines, you can go in one of 3 lines, where they have the same lunch. There’s also extra $1 snacks to be bought and a large salad bar to get salad if you don’t like the lunch there. Now we’re done with lunch. Lets move on to the recess area. Here we are at the blacktop, with nice shade in front of you and several boxed out gardens behind three basketball hoops. At the left, there is a circular garden with a big tree and some smaller plants around it. Now we’re back from recess and walking to our neighborhood. Look here and you’ll see an irregular shape with 3 tables, many chairs, a couple of whiteboards, and a giant display that drops from the ceiling with a projector. Inside the classroom, there’s 3 whiteboards with windows near the ceiling and a SmartBoard projector. There are several closets and cupboards for teachers to use and there are 30 desks and bouncy chairs. The chairs don’t squeak when you push them in! The teacher’s desk is normally found near the windows, but it is the teacher’s choice. There’s also a door that you can easily walk through to go to the other teacher rooms on team. So it’s the end of the day and now for parent-pickup, you go to the back of the school, for buses, you go through the front, and walkers go their own way. Goodbye and thanks for coming!