So Far from the Bamboo Grove in ELA by Jack S.

In ELA class were are currently reading the book So Far From The Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins. It is about a Japanese girl, named Yoko. She and her family try to survive during WWII. Yoko, her mom, and her older sister are trying to escape North Korea and leave for Japan, which has just recently lost the war. During this Hideyo (the older brother) is trying to get to Seoul. During Yoko’s journey to escape she must face many hardships such as painful injuries, lack of food, and family turmoil. This book is written by Yoko Kawashima Watkins who currently lives in Cape Cod. This is an autobiography of real life events that happened to the author.


Ski Ward by Sami M.

In the town of Shrewsbury there is a great place called ski ward. Ski ward has 8 trails and 6 include the tubing trails. They have 4 lifts including the chair lift and magic carpet which you stand on and it brings you right up. The t-lift looks like a T and you hold on and it pulls you up. My favorite is the chair lift because you can get an easy ride up and get a great view. A lot of the younger kids that go there have snow school lessons were they learn how to ski or snowboard. Most people ski because they think it is easier than snowboarding, but I prefer snowboarding because I think that it is a fun and different thing to try out and is a challenge. When it is not winter they open a restaurant with a volleyball court and they have a slip and slide going down some of the hills. Overall Ski Ward is a great place to go, summer and winter.

Frozen Yogurt by Sami M.

In the town of Shrewsbury there is a yummy place called Yowza. You are probably wondering why a place would be called that. Well it’s a great frozen yogurt place it may sound gross but it actually tastes just like ice cream but way more creamy. There are all different flavors including cheesecake, chocolate, coconut, raspberry and many others. If you want to try a flavor they will give you a sample. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and have a tasty treat as well. I also love going there on hot summer days because it cools you right down. They provide many toppings like chocolate, strawberries, crushed cookies, gummies, and many more. That’s why it is a great place to go in the summer.

Shrewsbury’s History by Nora C.

Shrewsbury was first settled in 1664 which was first called Haynus farm. Settlers started to settle mostly from Sudbury and Marlborough. The first permeant settler was Gresham Wheelock in 1720. It was officially made in 1727. Since then more and more people moved in creating many farms and industries. At this time it was about 1750. And the revolutionary war has started, most people became very poor and most died. After a long war Shrewsbury starts to get better and better; many people got cows, started making shoes and learned the art of gun smithing.

On the 19th century the first cars stared to come and the farmers were making a lot of profits. As Shrewsbury got more and more people come the town got much more modern which lead to today in the 20th century with many houses, schools, stores and etc.,_Massachusetts

Cool Runnings by Danny N.

A couple of weeks ago in school during Ameer time we watched a movie called Cool Runnings. This movie is about four Jamaicans who learn how to bobsled. At first the main character (Derice Bannock) was supposed to be a runner for the Olympics but he fell onto another character. Derice wanted to be in the Olympics so he asked his friend Coolidge to have a rerun. Coolidge said no but then the main character saw a photo of a man and his father. He asked who he is. Coolidge said he was a bobsledder. Derice then goes to the bobsledder to ask him to be his coach. They later find a team then go to Canada to compete in the bobsled event. As they were competing the bolts were not tight enough so they fell out. The bobsled was out of control so the bobsled flipped. They lost but they carried the bobsled to the end with honor. We watched this in school because it is tied to our Social Studies curriculum. We also talked about teamwork and that integrity is more important than winning.

Science Update by Danny N.

In science we are learning about Genetic Testing. Genetic Testing is about someone sending a swab with saliva from themselves. They then send it to a genetic counselor to see if you have a disease.  We also have to do a persuasive essay about if you would want to have a genetic test. It must be 5 paragraphs and also must be done by Monday. This essay must be done for those who is learning English as a second language so they can practice English.

Snow Days by Jack S.

Recently we have been receiving lots of snow and because of it we have had three snow days (as of Feb. 27 2014). We might even have one on Monday! Some may think this is great but in reality we will be released from school at June 19th! This could lead to is having to endure hot temperature conditions and a very uncomfortable learning environment. On the bright side of things, because of the snow we have had the longest holiday break with over two weeks off! So what do you want? More snow days and more school in June? Or would you rather have more school days in winter and less makeup days in June?