Shrewsbury’s History by Nora C.

Shrewsbury was first settled in 1664 which was first called Haynus farm. Settlers started to settle mostly from Sudbury and Marlborough. The first permeant settler was Gresham Wheelock in 1720. It was officially made in 1727. Since then more and more people moved in creating many farms and industries. At this time it was about 1750. And the revolutionary war has started, most people became very poor and most died. After a long war Shrewsbury starts to get better and better; many people got cows, started making shoes and learned the art of gun smithing.

On the 19th century the first cars stared to come and the farmers were making a lot of profits. As Shrewsbury got more and more people come the town got much more modern which lead to today in the 20th century with many houses, schools, stores and etc.,_Massachusetts


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