Mrs. Beaton Interview by John L.

Mrs. Beaton’s favorite season is summer because she like to spend time at the beach. She also loves fall because of the colorful leaves and the cool weather. She was born in New York City, but she grew up in New Jersey. Mrs. Beaton’s favorite sport is soccer. She also likes to watch basketball. If she could have any job in the world it would be to work in the field of international development. That means working with other countries helping them have stronger economies and governments. Her favorite food above all would be chocolate. She went to Georgetown University in Washington, DC. and then went to Indiana University for her master’s degree. If she could go to one or two places in the world it would be Spain because my daughter is there this year.  Someday She would like to visit South Africa and China. She has been to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and she has been to Ireland several times.  Ireland is her favorite country. It’s beautiful there and she has very close friends there. She doesn’t care who wins the Super Bowl. She hopes that it’s not too cold, but she is happy it’s in NJ because she is  from NJ.


Mr. Bellemer Interview by Jason A.

Mr Bellemer teaches Latin at the high school in the morning and in the afternoon he teaches at Oak. He also taught in third grade in North Carolina. He wanted to teach Latin because he enjoyed taking Latin in high school and college. He went to Umass at Amherst for his undergraduate degree and masters. If he could not teach Latin he would be a waiter, arborist or framer. During his free time he likes to be outside. He likes to mountain bike, hike, camp and tend his garden. He has six chickens and two cats. His favorite food is Thai food. He has two brothers, one older and one younger. His parents both are very smart and hardworking.

Mr. Lombardo Interview by Ryan L.

Mr. Lombardo said the reason he started teaching was that he liked taking the classes in college and liked working with kids. His favorite school subject is science. Mr. Lombardo attended college at Northeastern University. If he was not a teacher he said that he would be a marine biologist. If you don’t know this already Mr. Lombardo has many pets like snakes, lizards, and a dog. Mr. Lombardo also helps outside of school; he teaches high school lacrosse. Mr. Lombardo prefers lacrosse over football even though he helped coach our football team. His favorite activity is going to the gym. As you can tell Mr. Lombardo is a very interesting guy.

Mr. Curtis Interview by Shiney A.

Mr. Curtis is a substitute teacher at Oak almost everyday. He has only been a sub for one year. Mr. Curtis has only been to one other school because he is at Oak almost everyday. The other school he’s been to is in Holden. He went to Messiah College in Pennsylvania and studied history and secondary education. Mr. Curtis went to Ghana once to study education, religion, and culture. He says it was an enjoyable experience. His favorite color is blue and one of his favorite movies is “Remember the Titans.” Mr. Curtis likes dogs and has one called Gunner. Mr. Curtis has wanted to teach since high school and doesn’t know what he’d do if he couldn’t teach. If he could go anywhere, he would go to Australia because he thinks it’s a beautiful country with beautiful beaches and koalas as well as kangaroos. He also thinks Australian accents are cool. In his free time he plays sports, such as basketball. Mr. Curtis enjoys history, so he visits museums and historical sites. Mr. Curtis is not married and doesn’t have any kids of his own. He mostly enjoys being a sub for doing so many different subjects in a day. If he could say anything to the school right now he’d say, “Keep working hard and don’t give up on your dreams.”

Mr. Viola interview by Nishant B.

Mr. Viola said if he could have any job other than the technology person at a school he would be a video game designer. In his spare time he likes to play basketball, golf, volleyball, and tennis. His favorite movie is Toy Story. What exactly does he do? He fixes technological issues in Sherwood and Oak. His favorite show is Law & Order. His favorite book is 1984. He likes watching basketball and his hobbies are fixing and building computers. He went to Holy Cross for college and the countries he has visited outside the US are Canada and Italy. Mr. Viola helps both students and teachers whenever they have any computer or iPad issues.

Ms. Butterfield interview by Ethen J.

Ms. Butterfield is interning at Oak Middle School to fulfill the requirements needed for College to become a student counselor. She will graduate from Assumption college in May 2014 but says she will stay in this school until the end of the school year. During her free time she usually goes to the gym, does yoga, and hikes. Her favorite sport is soccer and her favorite color is yellow. Ms. Butterfield says she wants to be a student counselor because it would make her feel like she can make a difference in students’ lives academicly and socialy/emotionally by teaching them new skills. She also wants to help students advocate for themselves during times of need. After she graduates she hopes she’ll become a student counselor at Boston Public Schools.

Mrs. Scibelli Interview by Samuel C.

Mrs. Scibelli is a science teacher at Oak Middle School. She went to nursing school first, but decided this was not what she wanted to do, so she majored in Biology instead.  Then she went back to get her Masters Degre in education and became a teacher. Mrs. Scibelli has 3 children, ages 20, 24, and 25. She grew up on a farm and had many animals, but she has none currently. She has been a teacher for 21 years in Shrewsbury, and taught in New Hampshire and New York state as well. The subjects she has taught are health, high school biology, and elementary school. Mrs Scibelli has basically lived all over New England. She has lived in New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts. In the world, she has traveled to London, Brussels, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Ireland, and Canada. Mrs. Scibelli says that she likes what she is doing right now, she loves teaching and she doesn’t wish for a different job. The favorite things she likes to pass time is to create Stained Glass, make homemade cheese and yogurt, hike, ski, and read. As a kid, she was on the track team in high school, but she mostly competed in horseback, and also loved to ski.